6 tips for work life balance inspired by wellness habits

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Life and work are two parts of a wellness equation that I feel can’t be put on those far ends of the scale. I am no exception in finding the best way to fit Work within my Life. But I am sure once you begin, the balancing is forever. No job is a perfect solution for life. Simply because there is the “what might be if” before you move on.

Be ready for moving on and you will be okay once you get to the point.

The technology development is faster than you trying to leverage all the options it offers because – they are so much fun! I am a techy person it helps me in doing what I love and it opens doors. But as habits change with every new lifestyle application – you can change your mind how to do things every time there will be something easier or faster at hand. Some things are better to do the old offline way. You are the boss you decide. It starts with your passions in contrary to what you can do.

“There is no job for you…”. One of my good friends told me a few years ago. And it became an initiator for me accepting that I had been figuring out since I left high school. By now, you guess right, my life interests were simply not aligned with the options I was set for.

So how to maintain a balance of work and life when you can’t put them on two defined sides?

After years of changing places to live and tried many different work fields. Though inspiring always too different from my intentions. I started taking work as a part of my personal life and environment. That way I could focus on the actual task I was doing instead of thinking why I am doing it. And in my free time, I gave myself space and learned ways how to find the work I want to develop for myself.

“Your Work is going to be a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

Steve Jobs

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1. Base your work on your intentions

Putting the effort in combination with good intentions is hard today because you can choose. There are so much inspiring motives online.
If you find yourself in a place that is tied with great intentions and that is aligned with your conviction, you are at a perfect spot. It unfortunately never happened to me.
I have learned to put my relations with people and events in a quick realization asking why I am standing there and what to expect from it. Or what I am willing to give it. The intentions need to be yours. You may be asking what is it that makes you sometimes unsuitable for a certain role.

You. And there is nothing bad about it.

It´s up to you deciding how the place you are spending most of your time looks. And how the time you are expected to give the best out of yourself, is used by others.

2. Decide about what you have always been best at and use it all

Skills are not something that comes fast. It takes your time to adopt them. Do not put aside anything you have learnt through your life.
I have tried I would say too many different jobs and found that there is not a perfect single place. I realised it is in me although I love to work with people I am better when I have an individual room for work. This way I have to rely on all I have ever learned.

The question to ask is: “Are the opportunities of the right value to your true abilities?”
When you are naming your role or a position, focus on yourself rather than on the options that are offered. Using your previous skills will bring you unique valuable professionalism and long term enjoyment as opposed to new appealing opportunities that are interesting for some time but don’t bring a depth when you could use all the skills you gathered.

3. Learn to say no. Be mindful about your goals

Sometimes expectations feel like attachments.
I found that people react with interest in other’s own decisions even when they don’t agree.

Curiosity does magic.

They need explanations usually only because they can´t see the result upfront. When you are certain about what you are going to do, there is no need for excuses. It´s not about the result or an upfront justification. It is about the way of you doing your intended actions in your Life. Talk about your work with those who see your true potential.

4. Choose the right environment for the work you need to do?

When you feel that you can´t move to the next level even though you are certain about your abilities it’s not about you. It’s about you within the environment. There is a moment of you knowing and being skilful in a way that leads to over-qualifying. When you happen to be on a certain level and never see yourself taking a step forward right where you are. The environment becomes an important element. It is the space in which you develop, understand its relations and you want to evolve. Step back and visualise you at the perfect work environment, if you need a space and better perspective on what you do. Yes, it has something to do with own realisation.

5. Time is your friend – find ways and tools to work for you

Time is great if you have it. Not so much when you are late to meet your deadline. Become aware and honest about what you can manage in a set time frame. And then work towards ways to improve. This way I find myself more confident about how I work instead of worrying about promising to finish and get stressed by a wrong estimate.

There are many apps. I track different activities related to my work and personal life. I like walking apps because I like to walk a lot and it became a good habit. It is also fun to see the routs I explore. Also separating time blocks for different work tasks helps me to finish many goals and not spending too much time just by not knowing what I should do next.

6. Allow yourself a proper time off and enjoy it

All these tips interlacing the work and personal life need one more that I find the most important. To create a space for yourself and relax, meditate or exercise. Doing things that don’t need your brain spinning around what needs to be done. Balance is not about perfection and continual attention. In the post about the creative process and giving birth to ideas you find that the relaxation time leaves your mind in a specific frequency that helps with new connections of ideas you are working on.


Work intentions based on your personal life choices (not the opposite) connect your work and life.

Work is your abilities in the form of activities that you focus on the goals you set for yourself in a chosen environment.

Your decisions about your work depend on your knowledge, experience and ability to use them.

There are always some opportunities that are trying to persuade you about better ways of doing what you desire.

Being able to recognise what you want is a valuable skill to avoid being persuaded for a temporary fortune. Unless it is a step you consciously take as a learning experience.

Using own experience and actual intentions as a guide in unpredictable situations help you become the best decision-maker for progress.

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