It’s a pleasure to see you here. I’m Štěpánka [Shtiepa:nka].


I am an artist/illustrator, surface pattern designer and the Well Perceived creator.  I wake up every day for inspiration, to observe the feel-good around me, bring nature-synced ideas to life through my work and to share with you how to seek for the wellness in the process of your creation’s growth.

A few years ago I was waking up with a strong need to make a shift from where I happened to be and where I was seeing myself. I so made my mind about engaging my creative skills, which I had pulled back for other “more practical skills” till then. I embraced the flow of creative process not only while drawing but also in my daily life. I found a perspective that brings this special position of me allowing me to observe what’s around with open mind while building upon being clear and focused where I am heading. 

I realized there is this special connection of practical and creative skills that leads me through my journey and thanks to this each of my projects I work on becomes an original story.

Whether you bring more value to your everyday, creating own lifestyle or want to bring value to others. Finding new perspectives and choosing mindful enhancements for yourself makes the difference you create. Since you are reading these lines, something tells me that you feel the firm ground of the natural quality that comes out with your open mindset.


I believe that the best way to spend every day is exploring and learning something new. I was looking for a way to develop a career where I could leverage my curiosity with a good feeling from heart and bringing value to lives of others. So I started the Well Perceived blog.

I invite you to join me on this journey of growing a place where wellness meets creativity and be here for you to inspire you anywhere you are right now.

Stepanka Pavlikova

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