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I’m Štěpánka [Shtiepa:nka].

I am an illustrator, artist and a wellness explorer bringing you a creative perspective on what it’s like balancing work and life in today’s independent business world and my proven tips on healthy life passions through inspiring and actionable content here on the Well Perceived blog.

Wellness as a state in the personal component of sustainable living has become an inspiration for me not only in my own life. It became a source of my creative work while I am developing my illustration portfolio to cooperate on projects that I am so passionate about. 

More about S.P. illustration read my bio.

Being an illustrator brings a special position allowing me to observe various environments and scenarios in greater detail and to find a way to express a message using visual elements that form through the creative process.

I realized there is this special connection that leads me through my wellness journey and each of my personal project I work on is an original story that I want to share with you.

Whether you work on your personal growth or creating more value to your everyday life, finding new perspectives and enhancement to your work and life balance. If you are drawn to a natural quality as I am you are in the right place.

Since you are reading these lines, something tells me that you have creativity in your soul and all good that happens around you comes out with the “right brain” connection.

I believe that the best way to spend every day is exploring and learning something new. I was looking for a way to develop a career where I could leverage my curiosity with positive mindset, good feeling from heart and bringing value to lives of others. So I started the Well Perceived blog to document my progress.

I invite you to join me on this journey of growing a place where wellness meets creativity and be here for you to inspire you anywhere you are.

Stepanka Pavlikova

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