Create a home sanctuary: Let plants transform your indoor wellness

Window plant
Home is a personal environment that I create as I grow a place I want to feel unwind and myself. A place I can shut the door behind the outer world if I want to. Plants add the life to our homes and with our care they become more than only a decoration for our interiors. The nature-connection has been an obvious switch to feel calm and present in our fast-paced world before the lockdowns became the big thing, and even then the home wellness is what to focus on to keep our wellness lifestyles balanced.
I like to see the influence I have on the world around me and I do my best to do well so I become a part of an environment I have given the best of me to it. A home should reflect a personality and plants have the ability to not only be there to please the eye but may also add to the complete picture of who you are.

Wellness at home

Home sanctuary

Plants are wellness promoters for any home. I appreciate their company and sometimes I find myself talking to them : ) There is no doubt the life they bring in my environment isn’t just a décor. By bringing the natural touch to my everyday life it helps me to sync with a slower rhythm and de-stress. I love when the sun goes through one of my plants’ silhouette in my window during the day creating a fresh and calm atmosphere. 

Love yourself = Love your plants

Peace lily plant

Do I choose my plants unconsciously to match my personality? I learned there are plants characteristics to know about so I can choose the best for me… To be honest, when I was putting my first plants in my interior I went for those with sufficient endurance for my insufficient care… ; ) They had to show me when they needed me.


They did, and I wouldn’t leave them to suffer for what they do for me now. I just needed to learn.


With the trend of becoming a “plant lady” sharing the love on social media, I am proud to be one too, just because it’s part of my lifestyle mindset and creativity, maybe. I just can’t imagine a day without the natural beauty around me.

Bring-the-outside beauty in

Dry plants decor

Spending time in nature is a big part of  wellness and for me a source of inspiration for my work as well. I embrace the changes in seasons to bring the outside beauty to my home. What was first? The nature inspiring me to draw or drawing for having reasons to be inspired?… Hmm : ) I will never find out, I guess.


I usually leave the seasonal flowers and plants in the sun or as they naturally dry and keep them for the winter to then decorate low light areas in my home.

Boost Your Mood with plants at home

Crassula plant

Adding a plant in the space is the easiest way to add a pop of refreshing accent in the room and if you find what colors make you the most joy with all the healthy benefits of plants its a win-win for your emotional wellness.

When I am watching a leaf to unveil it feels like opening a present. Plants actually have routines and change in seasons. Becoming aware of it and getting the sense for the right care brings beneficial effect to both you and your plant babes.

Create a breathing space at home

Bookshelf plant

With all the benefits mentioned, it is also said that plants can purify the air in a room. Despite the evidence on a scientific level, as a highly sensitive person and asthmatic, I would attribute this feeling of pure air to the relaxing effect of freshly watered soil. The water is what makes life possible on this planet so the plants absorb nutrients to grow from the ground and humid air that keeps the soil wet for longer. It feels similar to what I need. It is very important to pay attention to the state of the inside air to breath easily and feel relaxed spending time at home. With more plants around the home and watering them regularly adds to the healthy indoor air condition.

My plants’ planning

Living room plant

Can one ever have too many plants? …I think I am far from too many right now, that’s for sure.

I am planning to add a new beauty to my plant company soon. I am thinking about Purple Shamrock which I remember I once had. I love the color and character of the shamrock and how it moves – opens its leaves with the daylight.

Here I listed a few tips to curate plants that will be your best company at home:

Start noticing what plants appeal to you when you visit your friends and family.


Learn some characteristics of those plants you like.


Look around your space and the environment of those places you would place your plant in. Which one would be suitable in terms of light, space…


Find out about plant pot sizes and plant roots, watering, trimming and other specs of those plants you are about to put on your list.


Get ready for your hands-in-the-ground experience : )

Peace lily illustration
view project
Home sanctuary

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