How to enhance your well-being with interior decoration

Can design and interior decoration enhance your way to your well-being?

As a woman you have the special powers when it comes to interior design and home decoration. And as wellness keeper if you are like me you cannot skip that health principles. You cannot care of body and mind without also transforming your personal environment. Whether you design your home according to the latest trends or it is a bit off balance by too many things. Either way you might come home feeling disconnected or distracted by its impression.

When you get imbalanced from the outside world you deserve your harmonious place. A place to distress and knowing there is a space for you to achieve a feeling of equilibrium.

You don’t need to start planning a whole interior design project.

Just choose one element and rearrange it. It is a process through which you can find out something about yourself. It is creative and relaxing. You can add a bit of personal touch to your existing design with new perspective on who you are at the moment. I have been watching my bookshelf full of titles lately. I don’t find them inspiring the same as they did few years ago and I know there is this sensitive connection to books.

Giving it a good bit of time I decided to let go some of them and it showed up as a great inspiration for a new artwork as well.

Choose from your memories 

Interior decor

Sometimes you might feel so tied to things you forget about the true symbol they represent. Bookshelf is a place for objects that you want to be surrounded by. Almost like it’s possible to feel a memory that these objects hold inside.

But things change. Life transforms. Memories get new directions. And so the environment should remind you of the new, actual and evolving experience.

It sounds over-emphasising thinking like that about a bookshelf styling. But try to give yourself time to create the right connection to things you own. Placing them in the most frequent area of your every day perspective can be mind shifting.

Once you create more space you need to come up with ideas of what you want that space to be filled up with. I went through some interior decor sources. To get a bit more knowledge about how to go about the typical objects placement. Some interesting hints stood out to me.

Focusing on a narrow part of your chosen room design

it’s good to get a practice in slimming down your possessions.
You begin a whole process of finding out your precise taste. Also a transformation of your mindset in relation to the habits you have when buying new things.

It all starts with organising

Be aware of the content behind the closed decks and files piled in your shelf. The nice light and balanced feeling a good design can do for you doesn’t lie in a beautiful cover. Don’t hide the hoard of stuff you are unable to sort out. These things are your memories, remember?

I was trying to realise:

  • Are they actually present in your life?
  • What do they do for you?


The decision is on you but there are ways to help you out.

Harmonise for positive mood your space decor communicates

Home decor

Exposure to creative objects is relaxing especially in a balanced environment.

Choose positive images they can be there for you but also for others. Plus they are great sparks of conversation.
You can combine your taste with goals if you have set some for yourself to create a motivational element. It is always better to look forward to new things.

Add life

Plants improve the quality of air in your home and they add a life element. The organic structure of a nature creation breaks the styling refinement. You can be creative with the variation of pots to match your style. Read more about how to create a home sanctuary with plants I grow.

Use your senses

Look for object you already have at home that will add a pop of colour. Usually handmade ceramics look great. I like gardening stores. They offer outdoor decoration. With these you can add roughness to otherwise soft and clean look of the indoor glazed vases. The composition goes through your senses. Materials and textures make visual connections with feelings of soft, hard, rough, warm, cold… You find your taste according to your current interior decoration.

Create a composition to complement the room decor style

Looking at the size and the grid your bookshelf make – you have your layout in front of you. Now you are ready to fill the shelf with objects you have curated.

There are natural interactions between objects. Group these together first by two to 3 objects.


differences attract each other. Choosing varying in hight, material and colour and play with combinations.

Think about ways they can be layed. Vertically or horizontally placed books make space above or on sides. You can use another decoration in this gap with for example similar colour of the book covers in the group. (Video,)
Now you place these groupings in your shelf balancing the optical weight. No need to measure exactly your eye will tell you better, it’s more about feeling than precision.

Your perspective is important here. Have a look at your composition from the place you usually sit in the room or the point of entrance. Looking through a display of your phone can also discover little imbalances. You would be surprised how things change in a smaller format. It gives you a view without the perception of surrounding objects.

Extra tip:

I like as much light in the room as possible. It is refreshing and induces a positive feelings. To lighten up your decoration you may find ways to reflect the natural light from outside.

It depends on the colours of your shelf content but I found the back wall makes a bit of a difference. This step would need more of your effort. Or find someone who could help to replace the back part of the shelf or maybe changing the colour of the wall behind.


Interior decoration is without a doubt a part of your wellness. It lies in the process of making your personal environment balance. Using your senses and taste helps you in your well-being. It helps to build better connection with others. Who can truly recognise your Self when they enter you space.

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