Immunity boosting the outdoorsy way

Yet before the Summer ended I made another little outdoorsy trip to pick some mushrooms. As always I spent the rest of the day in the forest absolutely unplanned. I like to forget about everything when out there. Then return home feeling tired all over my body but so regenerated at the same time. This time it ignited new inspiration for my drawings and some topic ideas I had long time on my mind.

What does it mean to me being outdoorsy

I know there is something personal about making investments in the outdoor gear. I totally get it. I am also a big fan of some great mindful brands. From my experience though a good durable pair of shoes and clothing of breathing materials will make you enough comfort. Depending on the weather and the activity of course to enjoy your time out there.

It was the time spent off(line) in the nature I was about to write initially which lead me to many interesting concepts that I personally experience and made me dive in to the inspiration even more…

Forest therapy

Forest Bathing in other words, Forest therapy is a term that emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a physiological and psychological exercise. Originally called shinrin-yoku. I like the longer translation “taking in the forest atmosphere” which is how I set the experience in my mind. The purpose was to bring up an opposite concept to the tech-boom negative effects on people. To reconnect with nature and protect the forests. I love simple and powerful lifechanging explanations like this : )

The advice is to practice by simply walking in a natural environment and consciously connecting with what’s around you. Then if you wish for a deeper experience you might seek a guided meditation.

The body and mind effects nature has on us is worth its weight in gold. Feeling the breath twice as deep… Wanting to take your shoes off on a soft grass because it is so “natural”. It’s no abstract story. It is healthy to take a break from what the social life is asking for and detach from your role for a bit. It is only your time out there when the body charges to its full strength.

Indoor lifestyle asks for mindful changes

According to “The Indoor Generation report” results from a survey across 14 countries across Europe and North America by The Velux Group company in cooperation with the analysis institute YouGov our generation spends 90% of time indoors in insufficient conditions.

There are many attachments in the lifestyles we choose to live. That’s one of the reasons why I chose not to live in a bigger city. The fact that it is so easy to get to the cycle dictated by working hours.

Active outdoors

Leaving the other, in my opinion, a more important part of the day, isolated to a small chunk of unconscious activity. Typically filled with other responsibilities or fast relaxation is just not enough. When I focus on an interesting work I can easily spend 10 even 15 hours without leaving my home and noticing what my body is going through.

I feel the strong need to detach from everything the social life represents. In the perfect state, I would like to live in the forest cottage style home one day… Until then I know the best way for me is to actively focus on priorities related to how I work and care of my body. Set my breaks to go outside and do the good for the body consciously.

Simple immunity-boosting tips:

  • Avoid obviously unhealthy habits
  • Get active on fresh air
  • Bring some natural elements to your home environment
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables

Back to the story…

Walking through the grassy and coniferous plains I picked different kinds of mushrooms. I usually end up with around 5 different kinds sometime just two or three. But I always pick only those I know and examine their edible characteristic features. Czechs are a nation of mushroom pickers among other specialties : ) . So if you asked me how I learned about the mushroom kinds… It is nothing more than experience through years of picking, preparing for cooking and eating them.

Mushroom as a immune boosting ingredient

Wild edible mushrooms are awesome whole plant food that I love to use for their variability in plant-based cooking. They are perfect immunity boosters thanks to their nutritional values. There are many ways to prepare mushrooms in advance and add those vitamins to your diet regularly. In case you are not a big fan of the texture I would go for organic mushroom powder for cooking or supplements to boost your energy anytime during the year.

Mushroom picking

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