Spice Up The Year’s End By Celebrating Yourself + Mulled Wine

Mulled wine

Celebrating “something” always feels the point. We need to find a reason to enjoy that happening. I am thinking about a little slower and more personal celebration we all need to accept at this year’s end. 

I was collecting ingredients for mulled wine recipe as a concept of my winter illustration. It brought me to write what I experienced looking for my inspiration – an enchanting atmosphere of warmth and feeling of connection through all the senses on my own. Warmth over the body and in our thoughts is what we crave in these cold days. Adding the right ingredients and time to relax with or without the alcohol – you get to choose the perfect mixture to slow the time running sometimes too fast during the year.


Make the moment your private celebration, take your time and let yourself to enjoy it.


Celebrating yourself is about recognizing your successes to get them properly acknowledged. In a more or less serious manner, it is something as I say healthy selfishness to praise yourself anytime you make a step forward. If you have ever tried to plan some kind of self-achievement you might be able to tell how far you’ve got and how well you’ve done. The year’s end is a perfect time to do your self-reflection before celebrating yourself. Take the chance of this season to enjoy it on your own as it should be mainly about yourself.

Celebration natural ingredients drawings

The personal feeling of being on your own in the time of celebration brings a more conscious insight on yourself without the usual hustle. It brings values for the new steps you are about to take to the New Year ahead. Being honest here, I know it is not easy to find the time for ourselves between the endeavours we aim for jumping from one to another once they become approachable. This fast-paced world we live in gives us so many opportunities that we are losing the ability to pause and look back at what we have created. There are many small things I do every day that I push away from those noticeably more important ones. But those small ordinary activities are the everyday life “The Life” building investments that actually should get full attention to take them for the solid blocks to get to what I plan to accomplish.

Mulled wine spice repeat pattern illustration

See illustration project in my portfolio

Celebrating only the peak of an achievement is the smallest elusive part of our endeavours.

To celebrate yourself and gift yourself for who you are you need to develop a sense to observe your improvements. Just relax and enjoy few deep breaths before looking inside…

Who are you

Mm. Knowing an answer to that is not simple. Knowing how to say that out loud is even more difficult. Just try. Finding smaller answers, than one blurry name, moves you from the guessing how others perceive you to observing and being honest with yourself. These small truths about yourself are the reason for celebrating yourself anytime you consider it be a winning.

One example: “Doing things, that require focus, a little slower and quietly, allows me to concentrate more and finishing things with confidence. Realizing that supports me to not letting others hurry me up to what I am doing without valuing my work enough.” Ok, this one can be small but also quite big when I think about it. But that’s what happens when you practice small… it seems easier when you get to the big deal. Looking back might be intimidating and the most intense thing that always holds me from moving forward. But it is the first step to find…

Who are you now

There is strength in naming. Your skills, new habits or routines you have developed for progress. Learning how to journal regularly helps with assurance and feeling encouraged at the moment of progress, accepting who you are while also balancing the emotions about your desires. Anything about yourself to honour counts. How you see yourself tells you how you look at things and people around you. To practice celebrating yourself, you need just a few steps:

  • Find your time
  • Set the place
  • Choose any reason to celebrate yourself
  • Make it a ceremony


Mulled wine – spice it up!

Cooking is a calming activity for me and sometimes I can spend a whole day in my kitchen. Here is how I celebrate myself this year so you can join me if you like. Pssst: Let me know in the comments below…

Immerse your senses from the first ingredient selection through the creative process. Slow down at the moment and find gratitude for what you have. Spiced drinks are great not only during the holidays, but they can also make an amazing ritual like feeling to a moment that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, the same during the year. No matter what version of this enchanting drink you decide to prepare, it is a matter of your taste and choices to create the right combination just perfect for your celebration ambience. When I put all those ingredients together, I place them on the kitchen top and smell each of them to remember them as they are fresh. Soo energizing…

Then I follow the recipe.


 ½ bottle red wine · 1 cinnamon stick · 2 star anise · 2 cloves · 1 orange, sliced · 1 lemon, sliced · 50g/1¾oz brown sugar.


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a large pot on the stove.
  2. Gently simmer the wine and spices (you don’t want to burn off the alcohol or you will if you wish) 10-20 minutes is enough to save the alcohol.
  3. Strain well, serve into glasses and enjoy!

Let’s be creative:

I like to leave mine for a longer and on slow heating to simmer to let the ingredients flavour the wine finely. Add a little more coconut sugar – which I started using recently and fell in love with it. When I expect friends to come for a visit, I might add a little extra with some neutral alcohol like rum which is already sweet.

Take the time to surrender into joy and the sweetness of the moment.

How small can such a moment be? As with everything practise makes perfect and with creativity… In the end, it is only your celebration.

Here are a few tips from my personal insight on how to celebrate yourself:

  • Sometimes something makes me simper while walking on the street and I realize that when people walking against me start to smile back when they pass by.
  • I love singing. But I sing really loud. So when I get the chance, I make sure to enjoy it. Although I have always been shy to sing in front of people with knowing myself a little more I now care more about what the actual singing is doing to me…pure joy : )
  • When I spend time on something that I always pushed aside as impossible and progress, I say it loud and tell that as well to the person who shared that moment with me.
  • I intentionally create time to relax. In a usual daily regime, it isn’t hard to take a break for some relaxing activity. But sometimes we can experience intensive seasons. Then it is useful to practice to recognize the time to slow down to relief.
  • I choose different kinds of music to what I do with earbuds on – any kind of that I have never thought to be the genre for me and let it surprise me. And it does!
  • I Draw. It is something I aim for every day : ) I love the moment when the pencil touches the paper. My mind switches instantly into the mode of creative flow.
  • I do little dance when I feel the vibe and jump for joy.
  • I rub palms to get ready. Touch is like an activator of senses. It creates warmth and sends a signal of energy. I found out about this my unconscious habit from my friend who told me that it looks hilarious when I do that… Why not : )
  • I practice yoga it is the most rewarding celebration of myself I do.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these?

Spice up the Year's End by Celebrating Yourself

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